Treacherous weather brings trains and passengers to a standstill

Passengers were left stranded after train cancellations

Passengers were left stranded at Chester Station after train cancellations. Photo: Alexandra Murdey

PASSENGERS were stranded at Chester Station this afternoon as trains were cancelled because of severe weather conditions.

Staff were on hand to help passengers awaiting journey updates as many stood around helpless until further news.

Sadie McFall, 18, a university student at Bangor, had been waiting for an update on services since 12:30pm. She said: ‘‘I was on the train on the way to Bangor, then at 12:30pm the train stopped. They said ‘we are going to have to go back to Chester because the train has been cancelled’.’’

When asked if she knew what was going to happen later on this afternoon she said: ‘‘Not at all, I have been speaking to people and they said ‘we might know something by 4:30pm’, but we don’t know anything apart from that.’’

Many services to Wales were cancelled.

If you would like any more information regarding updates on travel disruption visit

Chester Intelligencer reporter, Alexandra Murdey


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