Man takes on machine in new Volkswagen advert

WHAT’S MORE POWERFUL? Fifteen members of the University of Chester men’s rugby team, or a Volkswagen Golf?

To commemorate the arrival of the World Rally Championship in Wales, the two went head-to-bumper in a game of petrol-fuelled rugby. The challenge was set out by German film company Black Pearl Film and was launched on the opening day of the race.

The advert sees the men’s rugby team get the upper hand before a misplaced pass puts the German engineered car in control. Some silky driving skills left the team with mud on their face and cursing the four-wheel drive technology.

The sparring session with the men’s rugby team obviously did Volkswagen some favours, as they were crowned World Rally Champion 2013. The video has seen great success on YouTube, already clocking in 140,000 views within just under two weeks of being launched.

Gordon Reay, Manager of Student Sports Development, Performance and Coaching described taking part in the video as an event the team will never forget.

He said: “The whole day was a fantastic experience for all involved. Even though it was bitterly cold everyone was so enthusiastic and warm hearted about the project. From watching the director at work and sell his vision to seeing the end product is such a thrill.

It's fifteen men against one car, but there can only be one winner. Photo: Volkswagen

It’s fifteen men against one car, but there can only be one winner. Photo: Volkswagen

“This is an experience that all of the rugby team will remember for all their lives and they have video evidence to remind them too.

“Thanks has to be given to all who made this possible especially Cheshire West and Chester Council which allowed us to use the pitch.”

Whilst it was a loss for the men’s rugby team on the day, they’ll be looking to get back on the winning track this Wednesday when they travel to Manchester to face arch-rivals Manchester Metropolitan University.


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