Man robbed and attacked in Cheshire after pulling over for fake police car


Three men in an unmarked white van robbed and attacked a man in his forties. Photo Copyright kenjonbro, Flickr.

A MAN was attacked and robbed in his car today after pulling over for what he thought to be an unmarked police vehicle near Northwich.Cheshire Constabulary have appealed for information after a man from London driving a silver BMW on the A556 was robbed and attacked with a screwdriver by three men in a white van.

In an incident akin to many Facebook and social media hoaxes that warn not to pull over for any unmarked police car, the police have confirmed that it is very rare for an unmarked vehicle to stop drivers.

The offenders, driving a white Mercedes Sprinter van stole the victim’s personal belongings, including his phone and jewellery and attacked him before leaving. The victim, who is in his forties, was treated at Macclesfield Hospital for minor injuries.

The resonant social media scare campaign details a fake police car, with a convicted criminal driving, and warns to never pull over for an unmarked vehicle unless in a lit public space.

The Facebook post, which has been circulating the internet for a few years, has been proved to be disingenuous on a number of occasions but still erroneously convinces thousands of users of the dangers of pulling over for police vehicles.

The online frequently asked questions database, Ask the Police ( informs the public that you should never stop for any car if you are unsure if it is an authentic police vehicle.

It has since been confirmed that drivers should acknowledge police vehicles and pull over as long as they feel safe. Cheshire Constabulary advised for any drivers to stay inside their locked car and wait for an officer to show formal identification from behind the window.

Furthermore, any constables stopping vehicles on the road must be in full police uniform for the stop to be legal.

Anyone who might have seen the two vehicles on the layby on the A556 near Northwich should contact Detective Constable Craig Lindfield, at Wilmslow CID or call the non-emergency police number, 101.


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