Review: Road To Warped Tour UK

ON THEIR FINAL DATE of the Road To Warped Tour; Chiodos, The Colour Morale and Cytota rocked Manchester Academy Three before they hit up London for Warped Tour UK.

Escape The Fate cancelled their co-headline UK tour with Chiodos and their appearance at Warped Tour UK due to frontman Craig Mabbitt deciding to stay at home with his longterm  girlfriend while she was overdue to give birth. Read the full statement from the band, here.

Despite this hitch the tour still continued, with some disappointed fans the crowd in Manchester was on the small side, with talk of Escape The Fate not being there on everyone’s mind.

A shaky performance from Cytota kicked off the night with the band accidentally unplugging each other’s equipment during their set. Until Color Morale burst onto the stage in a powerful performance of ‘Nerve Endings’.

The lead singer of the American metalcore band, Garret Rapp threw everything he had into his performance literally, by throwing the microphone into the audience and letting his fans scream the lyrics.

With only a tenth of the venues capacity full it was certainly a personal gig, Garret Rapp’s encouraging speeches in-between songs lifted the mood and got everyone jumping around. He said: ‘What are you afraid of? This is your night? Make it your own, be yourself don’t be scared to let go!’

Then headliners Chiodos took to the stage with ‘The Undertaker’s Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable’. They gave fans a live preview of ‘Behvis Bullock’ a song from their new album that they have been recording and have a 2014 release planned. Their last album released was in 2010 with ‘Illuminaudio’.

This will be the bands first album with lead singer and songwriter Craig Owens since he got kicked out in 2009 because of his drug related issues.

Despite Escape The Fate not appearing, the frustration of the fans was soon forgotten as they left the Academy Three buzzing with excitement of Warped tour UK!

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Chester Intelligencer reporter, Tabatha Lewis


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