New scheme tackles Chester binge drinking

Rosie's nightclub has agreed to the minimum price (picture- Amy Holland)

Rosie’s nightclub has agreed to the minimum price (pic: Amy Holland)

A NUMBER of Chester pubs and clubs have agreed to sell alcohol at a minimum price of £1.50.

The price will be set on standard measures of drinks which include pints, glasses of wine and single shots of spirits.

The set price was agreed by the Chester Pubwatch Scheme, which tackles crime and anti-social behaviour in licensed premises.

Frank Marnell, Chairman of Chester Pubwatch said: “The main reason behind this £1.50 price is because certain marketing companies were actually using pubs to encourage giving alcohol away for free on race days.”

He continued: “I don’t think it (binge drinking) has got worse in Chester, I think as a whole we are not sure how to accommodate it anymore.”

Each venue will have to individually sign the memorandum in order to impose the price tag.

The nightclubs Cruise and Rosie’s are behind the decision but other drinking venues such as Wetherspoon’s  are waiting to see if it complies with company policy.

Recent studies concerning alcohol consumption in Chester have shown that alcohol- specific hospital admission for under 18’s has increased.

Binge drinking figures and alcohol mortality rates have also become worse. (Knowledge & Intelligence Team (North West)

The new scheme will be in place by the 26th of November.

Chester Intelligencer Reporter, Amy Holland


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