New Chester Cathedral tour launches

A climb of 216 steps up spiral staircases leading to panoramic views of the cathedral and the city is a main feature of a new tour open to the public.

The new guided tour has never before been open to the public to experience the cathedral that includes access to some of the cathedral’s ‘secret spaces’ including the old bell ringing chamber and elevated walkways.

The central tower of the cathedral is the highest accessible view point of the city and measures at 125ft in height.

The vision of this tour is that it is anticipated to run up to 13 times a day with each tour consisting of 12 people in each group.

The tour provides a look into the ‘secret spaces’ inside the cathedral, ten areas that are not visible from ground floor level. This aspect of the cathedral has not been accessed by the general public for more than 1000 years.

Cathedral at height tour is lead by an expert guide who takes the public on an hour long tour; the tour allows the public to view both the interior and exterior of the cathedral.

Visible landmarks can be identified from the view in the central tower, including land marks such as: Chester racecourse, Chester town hall, two of the cathedrals in Liverpool, as well as, Beeston hill, Peckforton Castle and Moel Famau.

Detailed features to the tour include:

  • Walk the galleries – the tour allows the visitors to walk along the cathedrals very own triforiums (shallow arched galleries).
  • Marvel at the cathedrals crown of stone – allowing visitors to peer at a close up level of the intersecting arches made out of stone. This feature is particularly unique among UK cathedral features.
  • Experience the bells – experience within the bell ringing space.
  • Remember the Romans  – the tour includes a glimpse into original roman column thats haven been restored by builders from the eleventh century.
  • Look down upon – the exclusive tour includes a rare glimpse into the organs interior and rare quire stalls can be traced back to the fourteenth century.

Chester Intelligencer, Beatrice Covill

Photography by Valerie Hamil at Chester Cathedral

Photography by Valerie Hamil at Chester Cathedral


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