City Council tackles litter problem

YOUNGSTERS could face penalty fine as Chester West and Chester Council (CWAC) raise concerns at persistent littering 

Ellesmere Port, Chester, Northwich and Windsford are some of the littering ‘hotspots’ costing the authority a considerable amount of money to remedy.

CWAC have planned to work with young people to explore new ways of tackling Environmental nuisance caused by juveniles to protect the quality of life in these communities.

Photo:, Look Lovely

Chester and surrounding areas hit with litter problems. (Pic:, Look Lovely)

If the idea is supported by the members of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Cheshire Youth parliament, school councils and youth groups will be asked for their opinions on a proposal to bring council policies into line with the current national legislation.

The law allows the issue of Juvenile fixed penalty (FPN’s) notices for young people aged 10 years and above for any low level of offences. Several Councils already use this approach.

Cllr Lynn Riley Said: “Issuing a juvenile FPN is always a last resort. We know that the majority of our young people are responsible and we want them to understand and support these options and to share any ideas they might have for tackling issues in their neighbourhoods.”

“As part of a six week general consultation our focus will be working closely with young people so that we will actively seek their views on both the problem and the options that may be agreed by the Scrutiny Committee.”

A meeting was held on Wednesday November 20 with the scrutiny committee to consider the proposal but no decision was finalised. Another meeting has been issued early next month.

Chester Intelligencer Reporter, Lisa Jones


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