Exhibitions amaze at Chester Art Fair

CHESTER Art Fair never fails to impress year after year, and 2013 was no exception. With the fair running over the weekend of the 15th of November and taking place at popular venue Chester Racecourse it was anticipated to bring in plenty of eager art lovers.

Peter Hill painting for a live audience.

Peter Hill painting for a live audience.

The wide variety of exhibitions ranged from beautiful pieces of landscape art featuring an array of forests and oceans, to self-portraits full of elegance and detail, all of which highlighted the true passion that every exhibiting artist clearly had for their work.

The two most anticipated exhibitions of the whole fair were those of Peter Hill and Kerry Darlington. Both artists completely different to one another, Peter Hill’s artwork were beautiful pieces of landscape featuring cities and forests each completely unique and timeless. Whilst Kerry Darlington’s art was fresh and modern, her use of different textures and components created art that literally lifted itself away from the paper with plenty of life embedded within it.

As well as his exhibition Peter Hill also gave a live art show in which he openly painted and discussed his work in front of a live audience, all of who were full of questions, to which he eagerly answered. While explaining how he creates his masterpieces he said: “I like listening to music, it zones me out and helps to me focus and figure out what to paint and where.”

Kerry Darlington – although not giving a live painting demonstration – happily discussed her work saying: “Each original piece can take up to 18 months to create, but once I’ve finished it, it feels incredible to stand back and take a look at the finished product.” Kerry also discussed how her art empire has grown and expanded with her now having 70 galleries spreading across the UK all showcasing her impressive skills.

With the public being able to not just view all the exhibitions but also being able to speak to both Peter Hill and Kerry Darlington, Chester Arts Fair proved to be cultural, enlightening and a beautiful display of artwork. Each exhibition has shown how different techniques create different outcomes, but all turn out exceptional.

A selection of Kerry Darlington's exhibition pieces on display at the Arts Fair

A selection of Kerry Darlington’s exhibition pieces on display at the Art Fair.

With this years fair proving to be a success, next years is already anticipated to be even better, showcasing more talented artists trying to build their creative empires.


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