Review: Liverpool’s Natalie McCool shines at Alexander’s

WHEN it comes to music my personal taste is quite extravagant. I like a bit of everything, soul, classic, rock and even a bit of jazz. However my favourite type of music is the more upbeat traditional songs such as the melodies that musical phenomenon Natalie McCool sings, full of life and passion and usually fantastic live, something I couldn’t wait to see at Alexander’s on Friday (15th November).

Natalie McCool performing live at Alexander's bar

Natalie McCool performing live at Alexander’s bar

The singer/songwriter won Female Artist of the Year at the Liverpool Music Awards 2013 and has been described as a singing sensation sure to continue climbing the ladder of musical genius. After hearing all the wonderful things I couldn’t wait too see what she had to offer on the live stage.

As soon as you enter Alexander’s the atmosphere is the first thing that hits you. The sound of chatter, flow of drinks and the delicious smell of some very appetising looking tapas make you feel relaxed within seconds.

After grabbing myself a quick drink and finding a place to perch I was just in time to watch Natalie make her way onto stage. With her cool and collected manner she walked onto stage with a confidence that suggested singing live was a passion more than a livelihood.

Her voice was more powerful than I could have imagined and echoed throughout the whole bar, the high notes emphasising the unique chime to her soulful tone, with the low notes complementing the instrumental band.

The song colection was carefully selected and worked well with the ambiance of the bar and with the crowd happily wined and dined Natalie sang her heart out. Songs ranged from upbeat and eager too calm and effortless and highlighted the depth of talent Natalie had to offer.

The audience listen eagerly as Natalie performs.

The audience listen eagerly as Natalie performs.

After reading a selection of different reviews on Natalie and her live performances, some negative, some positive, I went to her show with an open mind and I’m glad I did. She impressed me on all levels and the audience seemed to love every second she was on stage as well. Her fresh attitude and down to earth manner was only further flattered by her striking voice and charismatic charm making the night a great success and as well as memorable.

As a performer her voice is next to none and definitely unique in far more ways than one. With her stage presence that which beams confidence and enthusiasm there’s to be only one way for the rising star – up. All of this combined with her enchanting personality she is surely destined for a long and successful career as a musician.


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